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Unique and exclusive project in Georgia

  • ID: 169
  • House area: 34 м2
  • Plottage: On request
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • 1 690
  • $


  • House area: 34 m2
  • Number of rooms: 1
  • Number of bedrooms: 1
  • Number of bathrooms: 1
  • Balcony: Yes
  • Garage or Parking: Yes
  • Pool: Yes
  • Type of house: Modular
  • Mortgage possible: Yes


  • Plumbing: Yes
  • Sewerage: Yes
  • Electricity: Yes
  • Gas: Yes


  • Video control
  • Medcenter
  • Security
  • Beach
  • Supermarket
  • Fitness centre
  • Football field


A unique and exclusive in its scale project in Georgia! The area is 10 hectares and it is located in an eco-friendly subtropical zone, in a picturesque place surrounded by eucalyptus trees, right on the black Sea, 15 minutes from the city of Batumi, because suburban properties in Georgia are much more profitable.

  • Several pools
  • Bar
  • Restaurants of different cuisines
  • A separate playground and a recreation area
  • Shopping opportunities
  • A parking area
  • A multifunctional center -A bowling zone
  • 3D, 7D, 9D movie theaters
  • A tennis court
  • A football field
  • A volleyball court
  • A Nightclub
  • A Karaoke bar
  • Shops (product stores and clothes)
  • A first-aid medical clinic
  • A Bank
  • A Pharmacy store
  • Fitness rooms and more

    Also, a dedicated SPA center will be added later. In General, the territory created everything to ensure that customers rest efficiently and tastefully all the year! Profitability: Suburban locations in Georgia are considered profitable. If you go to, you will see that the city room Fund of Batumi is more than 17 000 rooms (and this is only officially), therefore, it is quite difficult to rent an apartment there. Think about why it should be your apartment, among tens of thousands of similar apartments? Only if you offer cheaper than the others do. The most minimal and pessimistic calculation of profitability: The MINIMUM cost per night starts from 120$ per night (in the same city, the MAXIMUM $80 in high season). In winter, there are customers too; they often come from corporate and travel companies. Since this year, the work of the management company starts, the infrastructure remains open in the winter: bars and so on. Since 2021, a 3-storey Spa center has been opened. In fact, even in the most pessimistic scenario of customer traffic for 90 days a year (if there’s no one at all), the minimum net profit is $5000

Apartment maintenance: The cost of service in the complex is $1 per square meter. This price includes security of the territory, cleaning of the surrounding area of the house, cleaning of the beach, reception, Internet, maintenance of the complex and using of swimming pools. There’s a bonus discount on infrastructure for owners. What is the condition of rented apartments? Turn-key-ready apartments for rent, with the full European renovation in classic style. It will include everything from furniture and equipment to accessories and all interior items. Payment upon purchase: 1) 100% payment 2) Mortgage. The complex uses a power of attorney from the state, so the minimum rate of 7.75% per annum. Initial payment – 40% of the total amount. The mortgage can be taken up to 15 years.

Ownership of the apartment: Foreign citizens can acquire a property in Georgia, regardless of whether, what country citizens they are. The right to property is captured by the registration of the contract in the house of justice and is guaranteed by the Constitution of Georgia. The real estate transaction is registered in the House of Justice of Georgia. When buying an apartment, you must have a passport.

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