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GRANDLUXIMMO team is experienced professionals who are guided in the trends of the luxury real estate market. Our mission is to find a suitable space for your life and make it yours as quickly and easily as possible. We strive to provide the best customer service: our agent is not an ordinary intermediary, but your personal assistant. The team of professionals of the Agency GRANDLUXIMMO will help you to buy and rent houses and apartments in the most promising and elite areas of France and Georgia , as well as in other locations of the elite direction. We select real estate, focusing on your desires and opportunities. Thanks to an individual approach to each client, we build long-term partnerships. The company has regular customers, and we are recommended to business partners, friends and acquaintances. We work closely not only with buyers, but also with property owners. Due to this, we maintain an up-to-date base of proposals and create market Analytics that allows us to give recommendations on pricing and successful implementation of objects. Our task is to bring the negotiators to a common denominator. With us you can buy a house at an attractive price and on favorable terms.

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  • Russian people are increasingly booking luxury villas in French resorts

Russian people are increasingly booking luxury villas in French resorts

France maintains its position as a" strong " destination for the rest of the Russians in the summer season of 2018, despite the fluctuations of the ruble. Last year showed a steady increase in the Russian tourist flow to France, according to "ATOR Bulletin" with reference to the information of the Agency for tourism development in France Atout France.

Thus, at the end of 2018, the number of Russian tourists in Paris increased by 51.4% compared to 2017, on the Cote d'azur — by almost 20%. The increase in the number of overnight stays of Russians in last year, recorded in Alsace. The statistics of the Auvergne-rhône-Alpes region show a significant increase in the number of overnight stays of Russian guests in the winter season 2017/2018: +12% compared to the previous season (in the period from December to April).

The demand of Russians for holidays in France remained at the level of last year or even showed a double-digit growth. Experts explain this trend by the fact that the direction has its own constant audience, most often — wealthy. At the same time, Russian guests of France prefer to stay either in five-star hotels or rent luxury villas.

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  • In France, the number of foreign buyers of

In France, the number of foreign buyers of

More and more foreigners are buying houses in France as a second residence.

Compared to the previous year, the number of non-resident owners who do not live in the country increased by 2%, while sales amounted to 5.29 billion, according to PropertyWire.

The largest group of owners who are non-residents are British, the second largest group of non-resident buyers are Belgian, followed by Swiss, Germans, Italians and Dutch.

The most popular regions for the purchase of "second" houses were rhône-Alpes, followed by Aquitaine and limousine. The following regions are leading in terms of sales: Provence – Alpes – côte d'azur (741,000 euros), Ile-de-France (526,000 euros) and rhône-Alpes (439,000 euros).

According to forecasts, real estate prices will grow, due to the special attractiveness of France for foreign investors due to the convenient legal framework, low interest rates and regional diversity.

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  • In Georgia began to sell real estate for bitcoins

In Georgia began to sell real estate for bitcoins

On one of the Georgian real estate sites offered for sale two-bedroom apartment in Vake, which is estimated at 25 bitcoins, or $270 000, according to Geomigrant.

The real estate Agency that placed the ad notes that the price in the crypto currency is set at the request of the owner of the apartment. Georgian legislation does not regulate the use of digital currencies, but settlements between individuals are made.

Note, as of the 1st December , the cost of bitcoin is about $4100. When buying the above apartment in cryptocurrency its price will be lower by $ 82 500, but the owner obviously believes in the prospects of the digital currency.

According to the world Bank, blockchain technologies are widespread in Georgia. The country is in third place among the" miners " of bitcoin

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